Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Hi everyone!!

Its about that time that I do a 


This is to celebrate me living in Dubai for 3 years - where oh where has the time gone?!

For one lucky person I have a
$20 gift voucher

Now, these images in this shop are gorgeous!!  So you can have fun chosing which ones to have!!

This candy is open to everyone, everywhere - but just 3 rules.
  1.  Become a follower of my NEW BLOGclick here to view
  2. Share a pic and a link about my candy on your blog.
  3. Enter your name and blog link below!

This candy will run until 24th August 2012, 10pm uk time.  I will announce the winner on the 25th August.

Thansk for your support over the years and Good Luck!!

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Friday, 20 July 2012

Calling all stampers!!

Evening everyone!

I was wondering if you could help me!  You see, I want to do a candy on my blog to celebrate my 3 yr anniversary on moving to Dubai.  Now, I ALWAYS do stamps as my prize and this is where I am having a problem.

Can you tell me if there are any new stamps out in crafting?  Previously I have given away Magnolia stamps - are there new ones of these?? Or any others?

If you have a suggestions, if possible, can you leave me a link to them as I don't know what shops to buy these things in because Im not in the UK and I'm not a stamper!

Really really hope that you can help me!

Take care!

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Mmmmmm....what to do with this?

Hi everyone! 

I am currently trying to downsize my house as we are going to be moving to an apartment at the beach, so everything is getting sorted.  Imagine my delight this morning when I found some jewellery that I thought I had lost 3 years ago when we moved over here to Dubai?  Sooooo happy right now!!

Also, time for a craft project me thinks, now that I can acutally SEE my craft table!!  This is what I have to play with today...

 Sooooooo, decisions decisions on what I am going to be making....

Shall be back with my creation veryyyyy soon!!

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by!
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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Meet Snowy!

Wellll....since the kids are off school, I thought that we would play around with FIMO....had it in my 'to do' cupboard for ages so I got it out, dusted off the packet and let it see the light of day!!

Now, I haven't worked with clay since I made a higuldy-piguldy vase on the wheel..so needless to say, my first attempt isn't perfect.  Have to say thought that I am in love with my first ever Fimo teddy!!

His name is Snowy and he is going to take pride of place on the dashboard of my car!!

So, what did you do today?

Thanks for popping by!

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