Sunday, 19 April 2009

Help with Colouring?

Morning all

I hope you all are having a nice weekend.

Well, as you have seen on my blog, I don't do coloured images, ever, but I am thinking that this is something that I need to get into.

Now, I have got a Whispers caddy thing with marks and two of the blending pen things for it, but I have absolutely no idea what to do to make the pictures look as good as all the ones everyone else do - ie. shading etc.

I have googled, you tubed, you name it, I have looked for a tutorial. Therefore, if anyone out there in blog land wants to share any helpful hints, I would be so grateful.

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Sally said...

Try this Tutorial. It is pretty good. When I first started coloring I used it often for a reference.

Rachael W. said...

When you use your markers, instead of coloring directly on the paper, rub your blender pen on the color marker tip. Then color with the blender pen starting at the out line and going in to the middle of the image. Make sure to think about where you want your light source to come from. If your light source is at the top of your image, the bottom color should be slightly dark. Also, make sure to have a scrap paper handy to clean off your blender pen, so you don't have transfer of color. Tombow makes a great blender pen if the Whispers don't work out. I've never used Whispers. Hope this is understandable and good luck.

sam said...

I'm still playing with mine too Leanne, having just got hold of the blending pens.I think it's normally best to start with the lighter colour especially in the middle and slowly add a bit of the darker colour around the outside. I've found that the acrylic blocks are good for putting some of your colour on and then getting your blendy brush pen and taking some of the colour up with that,making sure that you have a spare piece of paper to see what the colour is like coz it could be too dark to start with and then gradually go out to the edges getting darker.
All I do is play babes and it's a bonus if it looks okay. Have fun & catch you later
sam x

Jilly said...

Hi Leanne what itend to do with my whispers is to colour som of the ink onto some spare acetate, and then pick up thecolour with my blender pen ad use thaton the image, this way i can mix colours too. I then work from the outside of the image inwards picking up more ink on the blender pen as needed. Another way is that i add a bit of ink from my whiser pen to the outside of th image and then with the blender pen using circular motion spread the ink into the image working from outside in.
Hope this helps, but just give me a yell if you need more help

Kristen Hermanny said...

Copic markers have some great sites. Try googling Copic.

Enfys said...

Can't add to what the others have said, except to say use teensy little circular strokes that way you won't get brush marks, start with a light colour, add shadows in a deeper colour, then go over the whole lot again in the lighter colour
En x