Tuesday, 20 October 2009


So sorry for going AWOL again, it wont happen again I promise.

Was just looking through some pics of cards I have made and found this one that I hadn't put on here yet. It was for a Tinkerbell fan...

I will be doing many more cards in the next few weeks as I have got a craft fair or two to attend in November / December, so if anyone has any ideas on the things I should be selling, that would really be appreciated!!


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Marley said...

Hi Leanne..
I just love tinkerbell!! You made a lovely card.. great colours!! I like it.. Hugs Marley

Anita said...

Hi Leanne

When my husband was working in Oman there was a fair every year. You can sell your cards there. They love them.
In Oman the cards were very expensive and all the same from Hallmark. Thats why they loved the handmade cards.
All kind of things for the chritmasdays sell marvelous aswell.
Hope you have a good fair.

xx Anita

Katie-Louise Oakley said...

Just an idea, how about making some snowman soup? (Google it - They are great and sell quite well according to some of the ladies I speak to!) Hope it goes well for you, lovely card btw xx

Sally said...

Love tinkerbell. My granddaughter doesn't like her because I tell her she as an attitude like tinkerbell. LOL.

Elaine Stark said...

a lovely card. A cute image I love tinkerbell. Elaine

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, sweetie.. Good to see you back. :o)

Craft fairs in Dubai? Somehow I don't equate the two images! lol ;o)

Anyways.. ideas of things to sell at your craft fair...

* Christmas cards.. depending on who you're selling to, of course!!
* Other occasion cards
* Calendars
* handcrafted notelet packs
* decorated notebooks/journals
* mini-scrapbooks with spaces for people to put in their photos
* fridge magnets
* bookmarks
* Christmas tree decorations
* banners (names, etc)
* tussy-mussies
* Christmas tags
* Other occasion tags
* Stuffed toys
* Home-made jams, cookies, etc, in decorated jars
* Decorated bags of sweets
* Photo frames
* Wall-hangings
* Wall art
* Door-hangers
* Mobiles
* Phone/handbag charms
* Handcrafted Bracelets
* Ear-rings
* Pendants
* Necklaces

Hmm. Running out of ideas now. Will come back if I think of any more!

Chris xx

Elisa said...

Lovely card.x