Friday, 4 February 2011

Feeling all Fluffy!

Evening all!

So, I found these fluffy hearts in my local supermarket and thought they were ideal for a Valentines card.  So chose a nice and simple design and voila - a straight forward card!

For a change I am not putting this in for a challenge....tooooo tired today!

Hope you all had a great day - thanks for stopping by!

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Margreet said...

feeling fluffy doesn't mean feeling tired!!!!....gorgeous idea!!....hang in there!
xxx Margreet

Vee said...

Hi Leanne,gorgeous card I love your fluffy heart. Don' like the sound of those sand storms it must get in your hair too. Yuck!!
Loving you new look blog, really nice.
Got the evening to myself so I'm off to do some crafting.
xx Vee

Janella said...

Love the big fluffy heart on the card Leanne and the simple design of the stitching detail around the edge. Supermarkets and local stationery shops, especially the childrens art section have some great finds. Well done, yet another great idea. Hugs Jan xxx