Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Whats on Your Workdesk Wednesday

Morning everyone!

Well it feels like a lifetime ago that I actaully did WOYWW over on Julias blog.

As you can see from my photographs, my craft room is in the middle of being reorganised, as I don't know about you, but if I can't see stuff, I don't use it.  There are so many things that are still in their shop bag!!

Today I have 8 cards to make and then I have to start on the 50 children invitations for my kids birthdays...daughter wants girlie, son wants dinosaurs...anybody with an easy idea on what to make would be a lifesaver!

Can't wait to come and have a visit at your workdesks!  Thanks for stopping by!

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jude said...

Fab looking area this morning .Gosh you have a lot of work ahead of you.There are some lovely digi images of dinasours around maybe that will be ok to use on your sons,Daughter gotta be girlie depends how old could be shoes handbags ,fairies,pink glitzy depends on age really.Whatever im sure they will be fab and fun to make.Happy wedensday,please pop by my blog have candy on offer until 31st march
hugs judex 35

Marjo said...

Sounds like you are going to be super busy making all those

Thanks for the peek and sharing. Have a wonderful WOYWW.

Hugs, Marjo #5

Spyder said...

oh yes i remember kiddies invites!! back then I had not computer or printer, it's a doddle these days, you'll do a great job!! Happy WOYWW! #35

SDCrafts said...

I have a saying; I don't know what I think, until I talk it through AND I don't know what I have in my stash until I sort it through. Playing/sorting, all the same thing.

Shirl #25

okienurse said...

I like everything to be close at hand so I can empathize with your jumble! No ideas on kiddie stuff. My baby is 32! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #49

Neet said...

Ooh! Looks kinda busy on that desk of yours. I know what you mean about not using things you cannot see - but where do you keep everything so that you can see it?
Look forward to seeing your ideas in the future. #36

Maggie's Crafts said...

Hi Leanne, you've got a lovely and sunny room. :)

I'm the same if I don't see it I don't use it. Reorganised my room two days ago. :)

Did you try origami dinosaur? Never tried it but maybe it's easy...


Jades Craft Crafts said...

Thats exactly how I feel, ifyou can see what youve got, how can you use it!!!

good luck on the big batches of invites!

Have a great wednesday!

Jade Xx

Neil said...

Hi, it's always exciting to sort out a bit; you discover stuff you had forgotton! Bit like a mystery shop but no bills at the end! Have a nice day

sandra's crafty corner said...

hi leanne

i know what ya mean, ive loads of stuff in drawers that i forget i have,
but im not lucky enough to have a room i get a corner lol,
tfs, not sure bout the invites tbh but i bet you will do a spiffing job,
hugs sandra

Anita said...

Hi Leanne
My crafting place is like yours. Things all over the place but I can still find everything. If I'm going to reorganize I'm afraid I've lost everyting, so I leave it like it is.

xx Anita

Chelle said...

How about a dinosaur with a girl cave person on it? Have fun with the re-organization. 88

The Crafty Elf said...

Love your desk, oh boy can I relate. Not this week though, I cleaned it up for my first day with WOYWW. Good luck with all those birthday invitations!!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah, shop bags - like new treasure, huh! Love the light coming into your room. 50 FIFTY invites? OMgee, that's two scarey big parties!

Tertia said...

Looks like you are in for some hard work.
50 Invites? My word thats a lot, hope not everybody comes for your sake. Thats where I would whip out my Cricut and cut some Dragons and Princesses.

Dragon said...

Sounds like you are busy and getting organised but I have NO such excuse!!!

Angie said...

My place is insuch disarray that I really cant show it at the moment ....makes your look organized lol.
There are a lot of digi dragons and dinasaurs to colour in....girlie ??well pink and fluffy unless very young then a princess ...good luck

Andria said...

Interesting craft space, give me a few hours to rummage lol.
Happy woyww, Andria - 38

My name is Cindy said...

Hi Leanne, my first visit I think. I ahgree, if it gets hidden away you will forget about it!! Love your Tower Bridge storage boxes and those lips are luscious!! Have a happy woyww.

My name is Cindy said...

A very tidy desk! Your journal is beautiful and the beach looks wonderful!! Can you send me some sunshine please? TFS, have a great WOYWW.

Sheilagh said...

What a lovley craft area, so light and fresh. It must great working there. Good luck with the invitions.

Lorraine A said...

fabulous desk ,,, lots going on there ,, you sound mega busy !! the most I ever managed in a day was 3 cards !!
as for the invitations , one layer and buy toppers ,, !! :-)

Lols (96) x x x

Minxy said...

I know just what you mean, i need to have everything visible or i forget i have it!
Stay Inky
Hugs Minxy #11

Jovita said...

That's a lot of birthday invites, have fun with those dinosaurs ;)

Thanks for the peek into your workspace. Hugs Jovi #160

Nicky said...

Looks very busy in your craft room and sounds as if your are going to busy too - Nicky running late this week - no 16

Eiglas said...

I recognize organized chaos when I see it! LOL!
I remember the kiddy invite days only too well! No technology then though...felt tip pens were as good as it got back then! LOL! Having said that, I always had my acrylic paints to hand too.
Have a great WOYWW!