Tuesday, 9 September 2008

First ever Christening Card

Evenin' all!

Well, I have just completed my first ever christening card - for a gorgeous little girl. The brief was to make it pink and girlie - wotcha think?

I have distored the photograph image of the baby, only for the purpose of putting it on the web.

Can't wait to see what the receipient thinks!!

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Allison said...

they will love it it's so cute

Trish said...

Emma I think they will love the card, it is excellent. :) Trish

Trish said...

Sorry Leanne just had an OGM and called you Emma, love the card and the blog. I will link to yours if that's ok. :) Trish

Ann said...

Beautiful card.

Ann xxx

Ann said...

Hi Leaanne
You've just left a message on my blog about my fold up card. I don't have a template - I followed instructions on someone else's blog and I can't remember who it was - shame on me - I feel awful about it. Anyway these are the instructions that I saved from her ...
When its folded up it fits into a c5 envelope.
The measurements i used are as follows: 2 pieces of card 15 cm x
30cm Score the first piece of card at 15cm and fold.(this makes the
tallest part at the back) Then score the second piece at 3cm, 12cm,
21cm and 25.5. Stick the 3cm fold to the bottom of the first card. Fold
all the other score lines to create the concertina effect. With the added
letters at the top it allows the card to fit inside a c5 envelope when
folded up.

I hope you are able to follow them.
Oh the bit that refers to letters is because she had the number 30 fastened to the top of the back piece. I didn't do that.

Hope that helps.

Ann xxx

michele said...

Hi leanne, followed you from the trimcraft forum, blog thread! Lovely card really pretty! Love your blog. hugs m xx

Daysleeper said...

This is so sweet! Well done you =)
Oh, and thank you for your kind comment.

Rosette said...

Lovely card Leanne... they will surely treasure it forever

Anne said...

I think it's wonderfully pink and girlie and the proud parents are going to be absolutely over the moon with it Leanne!! First of many more, I expect!! ;o) xx

Jane said...

Hi Leanne.

Just wanted to say what a lovely card, I am sure the people you made it for will love it.

I started about 6 months ago, amazing how addictive it can be. I love it though.