Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Anyone for Aero?

Now, there is one advert on TV that actually makes me stop whatever I am doing and to sit there wide eyed and full of appreciation.

Which one is it? Go to the very bottom of my page as I have put it as a sticky post so whenever anyone is needing a bit of eye candy, they can just pop on here and amaze at the glories Aero Man!


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sandra said...

lol, its about time us girls had some eye candy on the box instead of skinny naked women lol, he is very HOT lol,
sandra xxxx

Christine (Craftling) said...

Ooooh, Leanne!! (quiver) I've just had my fix for the day. (tremble)

Well, maybe for the hour, at least.

Back soon!! (slurp)

Chris xx

Ann said...

love the 'was he talking' line!!! Now everyone will visit your blog just for this!!!

off to have my fix.

Ann xxx

Sam said...

yummy yummy, thank you. its very hot in here!!!!!!!!!

Sam xx

Daysleeper said...

Hmm, somehow I find my husband's body a lot sexier, and I'm sure a lot of other women would do, too, but I'm NOT gonna put his semi-naked photos on my blog, haha :)
Anyway, thank you for the lovely comment, Leanne!
Olga x