Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Help me find this....

To all you wonderful crafters out there in blog land, please can someone help me locate some Creative Imaginations Bare Elements Sam box please?

All the websites I have googled are coming back as sold out and aaaaah its driving me nuts.

Or if anybody knows of a good alternative - any suggestions would be really appreciated!

The item I am looking for is here

Any suggestions would be really, really apprecated as I need some of these to make for pressies for christmas!

Many thanks!

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Nikki said...

Hi Leanne...I cannot help with this query I'm afraid but just to let you know the snowflakes on my card are Imaginisce Snowflowers from the Snowy Joe range. I have seen them on CraftsULove, hope that helps and thanks for your comments!

Ann said...

It depends what size you want but I bought a box at 'the Works' - it already had cards inside (which were iffy) but was a good strong box with dividers. Other than that I really can't help.

ann xxx