Saturday, 30 January 2010

Candy Question!

Evening all

Firstly, this pic of my absolutely makes me smile, it was when he had just turned one, and whenever I would say 'smile' this is what he would do...oooh, I adore this child (LOL and his equally cute big sis!!).

Anyway, the reason for tonight post is I have a question to ask....I want to offer all my fantastic followers, new followers, everyone some tasty candy for when I hit 20,000 hits. However, I have no idea what to thought I would ask your advice.

Remember, I won't be able to send it from Dubai so below are the things I have thought of and the most popular choice is what I offer as soon as I go past the 20,000. THIS IS NOT THE CANDY POST, YOU WILL NOT WIN ANYTHING BY COMMENTING ON THIS POST!!

1. digi images
2. stamps (sent direct from company)
3. bits 'n' bobs

If you have any advice, please, leave me a comment!!


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craft_princess said...

So adorable! This is what my nephew does when we ask him to show us his "cheesy smile"! LOL!
As for candy...I would vote stamps! Or stamped images as a very close second choice!


Leah the Orange said...

hi Leanne! OOOOHHHH, 20k hits! that's going to be exciting!

hope you're doing well over ther, and everyone is safe. that picture of your son is SO cute! they are such little sillies, aren't they? :) i miss those days.

as for candy, you can always go with a gift certificate from a favourite vendor, perhaps... or choose your items from a vendor and show the prize, but wait until your candy is over to purchase it and send it to them?

Sarah A said...

Oh Leanne

Your son is adorable!! They are soooo cute at that age but don't they grow up fast!

I think stamps always go down well as candy and really pretty ribbons or flowers are always a good idea - a crafter can never have too many of those!! (That's what I tell myself anyway LOL!!

Sarah x

Moni said...

Hi Leanne, congrats for so many hits! For candy I love stamps and some ribbons or buttons!
Your son is so cute! Hugs,Moni

Lisa B said...

I just had to leave a comment when I saw this face!!!!! ADORABLE and absolutely precious! These are the memories that scrapbooking is made to preserve!

Kim Y. said...

He's adorable, Leanne!
You are so sweet to offer candy! How is it in Dubai? Are you are settled in and enjoying your new place?

Maybe a gift certificate? A lot of stamp companies now offer gift certificate (e-certificate). Hope this helps.

Jenni said...

Personally I'm always really excited by new images, either digi or rubber stamps.
Jenni x

Dragonlady said...

Hi Leanne,

Congrats on 20000 hits, and many more.
I think the stamps straight from the company sounds like a great idea.

Hugs Ali x

Sally said...

Your son is so adorable. Aren't they just a treasure! I think you should choose what is best for you. It is just a shame that you can't send from Dubai. I don't know how you do without mail. Of course it might be nice to not get so much junk mail.

Lil Sis said...

Hi Hun

It is so lovely of you to think of giving away a candy, but I would advise not putting up digi images unless you get permission from the artist due to Angel policies and copyright law.
Stamps or bits and bobs are fantastic though.

Beccy x

Penny said...

Hi Leanne, wow 20 000 hits, Congrats!

I am offering candy in the aim to get more followers, and like you i didnt want the postage issue so i went with a gift voucher option. Saying that, it hasnt taken off well so maybe digi images or products are a better option?

I will look forward to see what you decide!


Anita said...

Hi Leanne

I think stamps or bits 'n'bobs is the best. Not everyone is able to print digistamps because of the quality of their printers.
Hope I helped you

xx Anita

Vee said...

Hi Leanne what a fab picture he's just too cute!!I was thinking about your candy and I think seeing as your in Dubai and posting anything would be a mega hassle why not offer a gift voucher for an online craft shop. Also the digi images is a good idea too.
Hope you are well.
xx Vee

Cat said...

I just had to comment on your adorable little boy! He is just precious! I couldn't help but smile looking at his picture! Congrats on all of your hits! Digi images are a great idea!