Friday, 11 September 2009 craft room!

Hi all

Firstly, can I just say a huge thank you to all of you lovely crafters that have given me fantastic ideas for storing my ribbon. I am planning on sorting them out next week so will put up a pic of my finished creation.

Now, onto my dream....a craft room. When I lived in the UK I used to have to make cards sitting on the side of my bed, and everything was stored in cardboard boxes, so I forgot about 80% of what I had. Then when we moved, I said it would be lovely if I could have a craft room. Hey ho, we chose a house that has a maids room that was an ideal size for a craft room yay!!

Here are some pics (only finished sorting it out like half an hour ago LOL!).

Now I know its not covered in pretty things yet but give me time!! I am just so chuffed to have a desk, and to have my stuff sorted so that I can easily get it!! Everything in the room is from Ikea - those metal filing cabinets were fantastic - just under 20pounds each. Glass jars for the buttons were a pound each and the little jars with dew drops in where 4 for 80p!!

Next challenge is doing the ribbon...!!

Have a fab weekend!

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Kim Y. said...

OMG, Leanne!!! You are so organized!!! I wish I have a craft room so I can get as organized as you! :)

Charlie said...

It looks really nice so far and you have to love having a room to yourself instead of having everything in boxes and not having space!

Janet said...

Wow! I'm happy for you - and quite jealous at the same time! Hoping for a craft room myself :)

Peggy said...

Enjoy your new craftroom !!!!
It looks great.

Peggy xx

SallyB said...

OOh... it looks so lovely and neat.
Take some more photos to show us 'before' and 'after'
Happy Crafting in your new home!!

stephanne said...

Oh wowzers!! This is fantastic!! Congrats on the new space, and your wonderful storage finds. I hope you are settling into Dubai :)

Louise said...

Way to go Leanne! Now that's what I call a craft room :)
It all looks lovely and organised and TIDY - how long will it stay like that? ;)
Louise x

Ruthie said...

Ooooooo thats absolutely lovely - I am so jealous but wish you well to use it!


iluvmybugs said...

Congrats Leanne on getting your craft room! Have a great time decorating and then creating in it!!


sandra tomlinson said...

wow wow wow that rooms looks divine, lovin the black look, ikea is fab isnt it, are you going to put pics on of when its got all your lovely things in,
sandra xxx

Susan's crafty chaos said...

Oh I'm droolong! :D Lol, I have a craft room but it hasn't looked as neat and organised as yours since about 10 minutes after I first started using it :P

Vee said...

Oh Wow!! Leanne it's fantastic. Loads of space and great storage.Love all those little jars and it's so very very tidy...Hope you have lots of happy hours in your new space.
xx Vee

DeeDee said...

Wowsers..cannot wait to see you fun creations from your new room..have fun in there..cannot wait to see your ribbon storage ideas too..

Biscuitlid said...

fantastic - but how long will it stay that tidy??!!!


Angel said...

I'm glad this are going well for you... I know that in no time you will have that craft room looking lovely,

Enjoy your weekend...

God Bless,


Craftyanny said...

ohhhhhhhhhh I'm not jealous, honest I'm not!!!!!
It's looks fabby, am wondering how long it will stay nice and tidy though
Anne x

Loz said...

Oooohh, I wish my little corner looked like that!! So neat and tidy... and organised. I found a tutorial for a ribbon box:

Not sure if it's what you like, I'm still not sure how I'd like see my ribbon sorted let alone sorted it yet!! Good luck!

yvonne said...

Yes I have then little / and Big jars, so usfull.
You craftroom is comming on a treat .. well done for getting it this far, we all know how mad moving can be... never mind across the world, lol

Katie-Louise Oakley said...

Your craft room looks so neat and tody - Fancy coming to organise mine?! lol It looks lovely! xx

Lesley said...

Hi Leanne,
When my youngest left home I immediately seized his room and turned it into my craft room and it's heaven having your own space. (even if he does come home to sleep in it now and again LOL). Your room is taking shape and looking fab. Good bargains from IKEA - must plan a trip......
Lesley x

The Crafty Den said...

Hi Leanne, what a fab looking room - it is so contempary and smart. Hope you keep it looking so neat and tidy (you should see my space lol!). Hugs, Denise x

Gracie said...

Hi there!
You have a lovely craft room,
Hope you enjoy using it!

Allison said...

oooh that looks great, the filing cabinets look ideal and the little glass jars just fab

Andrea said...

Have fun in your wonderful new craft room - and haven't you had some fantastic bargains!
Love, Andrea xx

Susan said...

Wow - its so tidy! love all the jars filled with goodies -enjoy your great space

Sally said...

I am so happy that you finally have your own crafting space. You are going to love it. Wish my space was that tidy.

Clare (Littlebear) said...

Hi Leanne,
Your craft room looks great, I hope you spend many happy hours in it. I am glad you are settling into your new home - it looks fab.
Clare xx

Ravenwolf said...

Wow it's absolutely stunning!!

Christine (Craftling) said...

Ooh, lucky you! Wonder how long it will stay that neat? lol ;o)

Chris xx